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Newborn FAQ

Congratulations on your new little one :) What an exciting time! Newborn sessions can often be difficult because parents are exhausted and the last thing you want to do is get your pictures taken :) Here’s a few tips to help make the session easier for you and your new little one…

Preparing your baby

It’s great to give a full feeding to the baby right before I arrive. That way they are nice and full, happy, and sleepy :)

Decide ahead of time if you want the images of the baby with no clothes, just a diaper, in an outfit, swaddled, etc. If you want the baby in an outfit, limit it to 2-3 outfits. Many parents choose outfits and they end up being way too big, so have some different sizes available in case that happens.

For the session, some great things to have ready are: lots of blankets, baby wipes, several extra diapers, a binky if your baby uses one, and some burp rags.

If you have other children, it can be really helpful to have a parent or friend there to entertain them/keep them occupied when they’re not in the pictures.


Preparing your home

There are definitely some things you can do to give us the best opportunity for a cooperative baby.  First, turn up the heat in your home. Newborns love it warm and cozy, anywhere between 75-85 degrees (depending on the season) is optimal. Basically just warmer than you would normally have it.

Once I arrive, I will walk through your home looking for the best light and the best settings, and normally use the following rooms: a living room, family room, or great room, the baby’s nursery, and the parent’s bedroom. In the parent’s bedroom, we normally use the bed. Occasionally we may need to move furniture to make room.


Session Length

Because newborns are “new” and very unpredictable with sleeping and eating….I allow extra time.  Please don’t feel rushed or stressed because the baby is not cooperating.  Also, during the session it’s helpful if you’re willing to throw their feeding schedule out the window. What we usually try to do is for the baby to have a full feeding right before I arrive. If they get cranky or fussy at all – feeding can really help to calm them back down, so it’s great to do it throughout the session as needed, even though you might not normally do it that way.


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